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We provide the best quality Magento products & services such as Magento Extensions, Magento Themes, Magento Conversion. We help the Magento people to achieve their business goals & targets. All the extensions are developed under the guidance our Magento expert. All extensions have their own unique features & functionality, which helps eCommerce business owners to increase their sales & productivity.

Partnership Program

We have team of expert designers & developers, who will develop and manage the Magento Extensions with excellent quality functionality. Our professionals are experts in MySQL, PHP, Ajax, XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS. We are offering competitive edge to our clients with flexible schemes.

Partnership Program( Make the profit & Get the profit):
We present the Partner Program for the Magento users, Magento Development Companies & their clients. It is an easy way to get profit without doing any heavy task. Just recommend our extensions to your clients & Magento users.
By becoming our partner, you get the chance to earn money according to your contribution & your willingness.

How Does It Work?
To join our Partnership Program you need a personal account through which you can easily sell, promote our products & check your commission there. To create an account, just copy the URL https://ocodecommerce.com/affiliates
After creating an account, you will get a confirmation message on your submitted E-mail address & you can easily access your account with the help of login E-mail ID & password.
Check your Current Balance Details, Commission Price on each of your Sale & Traffic Sources. Also, you can easily create a link to promote our products & by just one click, you can easily send a message & share the links on Google, Twitter, Facebook etc.

- Get 20% of the total value for every referral.
- Get 5% discount on the bulk product sell at a time.
- To build trust of your clients, sell extensions on 10% discount price.

- Minimum $100.00 balance required for payout
- For any further query related to this program, please drop us mail on ocodecommerce.com
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Our Team

Team means Together Everyone Achieves More, it means we believe in team work. We have team of experts who are proficient in building strategic enterprise and comprehensive web business solutions. Our web application development goals are to solve problems, providing advanced functionality and generate revenue for our worthy clients. We are using open source technologies and online business marketing strategies to build the business website. And hence, we can help our clients to engage more customers in their site & make their business more productive.