Multi Vendor Marketplace Magento® Extension

Multi Vendor Marketplace Magento® Extension



Magento® Multi Vendor Extension provides the functionality to convert the Magento® store into small marketplace and enables the vendors to promote their products from a single store.

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Now start your own business with the help of Multi-Vendor Magento Extension. Create your own store and add the number of vendors on it. This extension provides the capability to run with multiple vendors where vendors can sign up and sell their products. The best thing about this extension is customers can easily buy from any number of vendors at a time. The admin has full control over the vendors and the vendor products. Through this extension’s admin can easily validate information, set the shipping and taxes. The best feature of this extension is that, admin can easily accept or reject the vendor or seller request and set the commission for all vendors at a time.



  • Install the extension with Magento connect.
  • The Extension will be enabled automatically. Check under System -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Disable Modules Output to confirm it is enabled under name Ocodewire_Multivendor and Ocodewire_Multivendorprofile.
  • Now, Go to System -> Configuration -> Ocodewire Multivendor -> Configuration. Under general settings, define commission percent per product to be charged to all vendors and enter the “MYSQL prefix”, if any for your database.
  • Under the “PayPal API” credentials, fill the defined fields. You need to create the API credentials if you don’t have one. These are used to pay the vendor commissions by the Admin/Store owner.

Note: Vendors, Vendors Products and Vendors Commissions can be managed in admin menu under Multi-Vendor Management (MVM) as following sub-menus:

a. Manage Products – Admin can approve/disapprove/view the different products submitted by different vendors.
b. Manage Vendors – Admin can add, edit, delete, approve and disapprove the users as vendors and default users.
c. Manage Commissions – Admin can pay the pending commission payments to the vendors individually or mass pay.
Currently PayPal is supported. Vendors are required to have PayPal accounts to receive the payments.



  • Create and manage Vendors.
  • Accept or reject Vendor Membership Request.
  • Set auto-approve products for the trusted vendors.
  • Manage commissions for vendors.
  • Controll and configure all aspects of customer to vendor communication and interaction.
  • Manage Vendor Products in the Admin (approve/disapprove).
  • Create the customer group and can set the different commissions to the different group.
  • Create the different types of the Subscription Plan for the vendors.


  • Sign Up in front end and will wait for the approval of the Admin to become a vendor.
  • Manage their products, categories, etc.
  • Create product attributes.
  • Create categories.
  • Check the order on the their dashboard( VENDOR DASHBOARD ).
  • Check the Pending or Approved status on the Vendor Dashboard.
  • Store page for each vendor.
  • Able to tag products like New, Featured, Popular, etc. for buyers.


  • Vendor Sign up.
  • All Vendors listing.
  • Vendor Dashboard with Total sales, latest orders, Chart.
  • Vendor can manage products (add/edit/delete).
  • Three types of products – Simple, Virtual and Downloadable.
  • Vendor can create product attributes, categories.
  • Vendor profile page management, shop page management.
  • Vendor product collection.
  • Latest and best sellers for Vendors on Vendor Shop page.
  • Vendor Payment Method.
  • Vendor Featured & Daily Deal product on Profile and shop page.
  • Vendor Ratings and Feedback option.


  • Easy to install and customize.
  • User-friendly- customer can easily design their products.
  • No front end layout override or extra code.
  • Support multiple languages and stores.
  • 100% Open Source.


1. Subscription Plans with Limit on Products Uploading

  • After installing Multivendor, Go to MVM Marketplace > Subscription Plans > Create Sample Plans.
  • After clicking on Create Sample Plans, you would be redirected on Category Page. You can see there a Subscription Plan Category and two Sample Subscription Plans within it.
  • Now Go to Front-end, create an account in the store with “Wants to be a Member” as “Yes”.
  • After creating an account, you would be redirected on Customer Dashboard Page.
  • Now click on the Subscription Plan Tab from left side bar.
  • Choose your plan by clicking on Subscribe Button(Remember these are nominal plans so cart must contain only one product at a time).
  • Now customer would be redirected on Cart Page.
  • Make Paymet using PayPal Login.
  • After making payment, customer would be redirected on Review Page and then Customer Would Place Order.
  • After clicking on “Order”, you will receive a reference ID.
  • Now go to My Account > Subscription Plan.
  • You would see all the details and number of the products which you can upload.

Note: Enable your PayPal by using Valid API
2. Fix Price Owner Commission on Customers of Individual Groups

  • Owner can get a fix price commission on every product sale from the individual vendor product.
  • Owner can specify fix price commission for the individual group. E.g. For general -20, for wholesale -30 and for retailer-40. To Specify Fix Price Commission Go to Admin > Customer > Customer Groups
  • Click on Already Existing Groups if you want to Apply Fix Price Commission for any of those groups or create new group
  • Now enter Fix Price Commission and click on “Save” (Don’t Forget to Assign Group to Vendor)
  • Points to Remember:-
    If a vendor suspends Subscription Plan then the owner has to suspend Vendor Membership of that customer manually for suspending membership of vendor
  • Go to Admin > Manage Vendor.
  • Now click on “Edit” for a Specific Vendor, to suspend his/her membership
  • Now choose a status as Default User and click on “Save”


Magento® Multi Vendor Extension provides the functionality to convert the Magento® store into small marketplace and enables the vendors to promote their products from a single store.

Second Release with the Extended Admin Functionality

  • Version number: 2.0.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility:1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1,1.9
Second Release

First and Stable Release

  • Version number: 1.0.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1
First and Stable Release

Q: Is there any functionality in admin by which super admin can set commission amount for vendors for their respective orders?

A:Yes, there are two options here. %age based commissions or Vendor signup based on membership. So, you can choose either of the options to set for your store.

Q: How to set the vendor commission?

A: You can set the vendor commissions through the super admin and set the fix commission on the basis of the customer subscription group. But, it will be for all the suppliers and you cannot set the commissions on the individual product basis.

Q: Where to set the commission prices or % for each product or vendor?

A: First create the vendor group and can set the commission for the different group. It is only on the vendors level not on the product.

Q: How can admin pay commission to the Vendors?

A: In this extension, admin can pay commission to vendors through PayPal
and Right now we are using the PayPal Sandbox Account details.

Q: Is there any way to assign products to a vendor from product tab in Magento Backend?

A: There is not any any way to assign the product to the vendor from the admin, it can be identified from the vendor dashboard from the Front-end.

Q: Using Custom Vendor Sign Up Form or Default Magento Sign Up Form?

A: Currently we are using the default Magento Sign up form.

Q: Can a vendor be able to tag products like New, Featured, Popular, etc for buyers?

A: Vendor can do that for the featured products and the deals products.

Q: Is there any Store Page for each vendor?

A: Yes, there is the store page for each vendor.

Q: Can a buyer purchase products from several vendors in one shopping cart?

A: The default cart is of Magento only and hence customers can buy from any number of vendors at a time.

Q: How can vendor see the order in their store and mark the order as paid ?

A:The vendor can check the order on the their dashboard( VENDOR DASHBOARD) as well check the pending or approved status there.

Q: Admin send a bill to the vendor for the comissions ?

A:Yes, Admin can send the commission bill to the vendors via the PayPal Account only.

Q: How payments and shipping method works for all vendors ? Do vendor use their own shipping and payment method or admin manage that?

A: Shipping methods would be standard, whatever methods set by the admin.

Q: If there is multiple vendor on site and they are selling their product – one user come on the site and buy two different products from two different vendors at a time, then the bill will be generated for different vendor?

A: Yes, it would generate different invoices per vendor.

Contact for any help and support

If you need any help in any phase of conversion or migration, please contact the expert and experienced developer here. All Magento developers have both a contact email and a support email listed.


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